Trek Wealth Financial Solutions

Our Mission

To provide balanced financial solutions that empower people to do more, go further and appreciate life’s journey.

Say yes to bucket list living

Trek Wealth is the financial advisory firm that believes in “bucket list living.” We encourage clients to live for today while saving for tomorrow, and we will show you how. Our thankful clients have taken the trip, bought the boat, built the dream house or paid for the fairytale wedding – and are building a nest egg that allows for peace of mind. We can help you live your best bucket-list life.

Life isn’t about waiting for retirement, it’s about the experiences you enjoy on the trek to get there.

We’re about digging deep to discover what truly matters to you and creating the plan that paves your path to get there.”

The Trek Wealth difference

We are mentors who make moments that matter possible

We guide in stride:

More than a financial advisor
We are collaborative and consultative. We teach and counsel families to provide financial clarity and align big dreams with realistic solutions that lead to an enriched life.

From peak to peak:

Planners with a perspective
Our point of view that life is about experiences, coupled with our passion for problem solving and planning, uniquely positions us to guide clients toward financial freedom and a purposeful and fulfilling life.
Reach the peak with Trek Financial Services

Leading the way:

A powerhouse team
We aren’t a firm that pushes a corporate agenda. Instead, we are an experienced group of financial advisors who have access to sophisticated portfolio management strategies and powerful investment planning tools not available to the average advisor.

Our Approach

How We Work Together

We listen intently to you, building trusted relationships and uncovering what’s truly worthy in your life. We’re candid about aspirations, fears, hurdles and dreams. We’re methodical and pragmatic in our approach – sharpening our pencils and leveraging our resources to determine when your dreams can be realized.

Discover + Direction

Let’s sit down and get to know each other. We’ll fill you in on how easy it is to work with us and what you can expect.

Inventory + Analysis

We’ll collect everything financial related to your life and do a deep dive into it. We’ll study your numbers and begin planning.

Strategy + Tactics

Here we get into the nitty-gritty. We’ll present a proposed investment strategy and discuss the logistics of moving funds and opening accounts.

Checkpoints + Switchbacks

Life changes, and so will your financial plan. We meet frequently to review your strategy and progress.

Our Services

What we offer

We’re financial planners at heart, and with designations like Certified Financial Planner® behind our names. We offer an array of services that provide the security of knowing the money you have worked hard for can be used when you need it and is protected for the future.

Financial Planning

We provide budgeting and cash flow analysis.

Investment Management

We offer portfolio review and analysis and risk-appropriate investments.

Retirement Planning

We are the team to turn to for planning a retirement that provides peace of mind.

Corporate Retirement Plans

We partner with your management team to administer and manage retirement and 401K plans that support the needs of both your institution and your workforce to maximize tax efficiencies.

Tax Planning

We examine opportunities to reduce tax impact in current and future years. Tax laws continually change making on-going planning necessary.

Estate Planning Analysis

We partner with you and the outside professionals who will ensure your assets are protected beyond your lifetime.

Risk Management

We guide our clients in developing contingency plans to be financially prepared for the unexpected.

Welcome Kaitlyn

Meet our newest financial advisor in Scottsdale, AZ!