Many people have spent their whole life saving and never learning how to spend. We help clients enjoy the journey of life without feeling like it’s a guessing game.”

Our Approach to Financial Planning

For those looking to prepare for retirement while enjoying life’s experiences along the way, Trek Wealth's approach to financial planning paves the path for doing both — crafting well-planned portfolios with room for what matters most.

Bucket list living and our 4-bucket strategy

Life isn’t about waiting for retirement, it’s about the experiences you enjoy on the trek to get there. Creating a bucket list allows you to consider your values and goals, and to identify milestones and experiences you want to have in your lifetime. Your bucket list should be a living document as your aspirations from your 20s may differ vastly from your goals later in life.

At Trek Wealth, we utilize a 4-bucket approach to investing.

1: The Liquid Cash Bucket

Contains assets for your immediate or short-term needs in the next 1-3 years. Assets in this bucket are typically held in cash or cash equivalents.

Bucket List Living - our approach to financial planning

2: The Lifestyle Bucket

Holds assets for your intermediate spending needs over the next 4 to 7 years. This bucket typically contains low-risk assets like fixed income.

Reach the peak with Trek Financial Services

3: The Lifetime Bucket

Carries assets for long-term needs that are positioned for growth over an 8+ year time horizon.

The first three buckets are meant to be consumed during a lifetime. For some investors a fourth bucket may be appropriate, if aspirations include creating assets meant to be stewarded by future generations or a charitable cause.

4: The Legacy Bucket

Contains perpetual growth assets that provide capital growth in perpetuity and should be accompanied by a succession plan that creates the infrastructure and decision-making systems required to successfully grow assets in perpetuity.

Our Beliefs

What we believe informs our thoughts, decisions and actions. Working in alignment with our belief statements ensures we do the right thing for our clients, and that’s why we’re proud to share it.

Wealth is not the best measure of your life.

We help build and protect wealth. We respect that there’s more to life than a bank account and saving for retirement. Life is about the journey and celebrating milestones along the way. We’re here to help our clients plan for them. We believe in your story, and we’ll help you write it.

We rally behind relationships.

We put people first. We care deeply about our clients. We are curious and listen carefully to what’s most important to you, and act intentionally on your behalf – always. We are compassionate, reliable and transparent. You can count on us to be there for you. We are energized by making dreams a reality.

Character Counts.

Expert financial advisors must have experience and expertise as well as the education and securities licenses to do their job. But there is something equally important when managing something as critical as personal wealth: good character. We exemplify it and appreciate it in our clients. Honoring our principles is a priority.

Our Approach

How We Work Together

Trek Wealth builds customized financial road maps dedicated to what’s most important as your life unfolds – and into retirement – and has a defined process for doing it. At its core, our process requires working together toward your financial goals and taking one step at a time.

Discover + Direction

We meet and get to know each other. We fill you in on how easy it is to work with us and what you can expect and answer your questions. We lay out the roadmap for what’s to come.

Because of the fiduciary nature of our business, we are required to do what is in the best interest of our clients, but we would do that anyway. We are not here to sell products, we’re here to share solutions and to ensure our clients are successful at planning their life’s journey.

Inventory + Analysis

We’ll collect everything financial related to your life and do a deep dive into it. We’ll study your numbers and begin planning. We know this can be a daunting task, and we’ll tell you how to start, what you’ll need and how to obtain it.

Strategy + Tactics

Here we get into the nitty-gritty. We’ll present a proposed investment strategy and discuss the logistics of moving funds and opening accounts. We make sure you understand all of it so you’re comfortable with where your investments are, how your money works for you and how and when its available.

Checkpoints + Switchbacks

Life changes, and so will your financial plan. We meet frequently to review your strategy and progress. Some people like to connect annually, some quarterly and others more often. Whatever works for you works for us. And we’re always just a phone call away.