The Trek Wealth team — and each of our families — independently embrace bucket list living. We believe in planning for an adventurous life and a retirement that offers peace of mind.”

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Your guide to enjoying the vistas along life’s trek.

Trek Wealth’s ascent has been a winding path unique to each leader forged from a single, heartfelt belief: Life is about cherishing the experiences along the way and the right financial advisor can be your guide. That philosophy is the foundation that shaped the firm’s mission – to provide balanced financial solutions that empower people to do more, go further and appreciate life’s journey. Balance is integral to this team of diligent and realistic planners who recognize crafting a portfolio that prepares you for retirement is equally critical.

The team that forges onward. Trek Wealth is the financial advisory firm that insists you live for today while saving for tomorrow, and we show you how. We admit it’s an unusual viewpoint for our industry, but our effective strategies have led to happy, thankful clients who have taken the trip, bought the boat, built the dream house or aid for the fairytale wedding – and are building a nest egg that allows for peace of mind.

How do we do it? By first listening intently to you. By building trusted relationships and uncovering what’s truly worthy in your life. By being candid about aspirations, fears, hurdles and dreams. We’re methodical and pragmatic in our approach – sharpening our pencils and leveraging our resources to determine when your dreams can be realized. You see, it’s about the timing, and ensuring your hard-earned dollars are working optimally for you at all times. Trek Wealth builds customized financial road maps dedicated to what’s most important as your life unfolds – and into retirement.

Why does Trek Embrace Bucket List Living?

It Started with Company Founder Bill Sowell.

Being in the financial services industry for more than 30 years, I have worked with people every day to help them achieve what’s important. One thing I have always encouraged my clients to do is enjoy life along the way. It’s so easy to have a single focus – like building a retirement nest egg – that people often fail to enjoy the things that bring joy to their lives in the now. I believe that while we have our health and the ability, we should enjoy the fruits of our labors. That’s where “Bucket List Living” comes in. We all have things we dream about doing and we can make a list and check them off one by one. We can enjoy life today AND save for the future, but it requires a plan and discipline.”

Who We Are

Meet the Team

Financial Advisors


John Davis

Financial Advisor
North Little Rock, AR
“I have been fortunate to live out some of my bucket list dreams. As an avid golfer and fan of the game, I have been to the Master’s the PGA Championship and the British Open. Once I make it to the U.S. Open, I will have completed the golf fan ‘Grand Slam.’ Finishing that is top on my bucket list.”

Kaitlyn Laney, CFP®️

Financial Advisor
Scottsdale, AZ
“Sharing the mission of Trek Wealth, which is to provide balanced financial solutions and appreciate life’s journey, truly resonates with me. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the adventure of a lifetime – paragliding through the Swiss Alps of Interlaken with my husband, Max. After that, we made our way up the gondola to Schilthorn for lunch at the famous 007 Piz Gloria where we took in the 360 degree views over coffee. Put a big check mark on that bucket list adventure!”

Bob Taylor, AAMS®️ AIF®️

Sr. Portfolio Manager
Rogers, AR
“I have been embracing bucket list living for most of my life. To me, that has always meant finding time to be outdoors hunting and fishing. Pheasant hunting in South Dakota with my son is a treasured memory. And owning a cabin on Beaver Lake in the beautiful Ozark Mountains has been one of life’s biggest joys. It has been my refuge for the last 30 years and has been the best place to reflect and plan my next adventure.”

Tonya McKaughan, AIF®️

Sr. Financial Consultant
Rogers, AR
“Checking off items on my bucket list has taken me so many amazing places. As an avid golfer, watching the PGA at Southern Hills in Tulsa, Oklahoma, tops the list. I always have fun cheering for a winning horse at Oaklawn, and visits to neat cities – like Savannah, Georgia – make me happy. I always make time to cheer for the Razorbacks – I don’t miss a game! But by far, my greatest joy comes from time spent anywhere and anytime with my husband, sons and daughters-in-law and my seven grandchildren.”

Client Support


Connie Barron

Client Solutions Consultant
North Little Rock, AR
“Being surrounded by my family is when I’m happiest, and fortunately, our children live close by, so we get to see them and our grandchildren frequently. Our bucket list activities are trips to the beach together and short weekend getaways to different parts of our beautiful state. I love spending time outside working in the yard and taking walks on our local trails. Trying out new recipes, baking and grilling outside are all relaxing to me – especially when family and friends are around.”

Melanie Iannazzo

Client Solutions Consultant
Rogers, AR
“My favorite activities typically take me to the water. I’m happiest when I’m with my family and friends visiting a beach town – with my toes in the water and the sun on my face. If I can’t get to the beach, I’ll take a quiet day reading by the pool. For me, taking time to rest and relax makes my bucket list, too.”

Executive Leadership


Bill Sowell

North Little Rock, AR
“I have been blessed to do a lot of wonderful things in my life, from visiting incredible places around the world to playing amazing golf courses – even meeting people like Steph Curry and Nelly Korda. My wife, Cindy, and I have been fortunate to share some of our trips with our children. I hunt with my favorite hunting partner, my son, Evan. One of the craziest things we’ve done was my daughter Abby’s idea – open ocean diving with sharks in Hawaii! I have to admit, it was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done.”
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Daryl Seaton

North Little Rock, AR
“There’s nothing more important than family, and I enjoy spending time with my boys sharing experiences they will remember. We hike often, but one special memory is a two-day hike in the Tahoe National Forest. We got off-grid with no email and no cell phones — just the three of us enjoying time together.”

Jason Inglis

Chief Revenue Officer
Denver, CO
“My wife Gwyn and our boys Sawyer and Truman bring tremendous joy and a real sense of pride to my life. We take every opportunity to spend quality time hiking in the Rocky Mountains, or vacationing at a sunny beach, or even just sitting around watching a football game as a family. I have been blessed with an amazing family and I cherish every experience with them.”

Financial & Estate Planning

CarlArtboard-29@2x-pjia92mi6dvfnxu1srx0u325epzp13ieqm6fku9p2c (1)

Carl Irico, CFP®️

Director, Financial Planning
North Little Rock, AR
“My wife and I enjoy being at home together. It’s a blessing having the kids come over for Sunday dinner and talk about the week. But we always like a good adventure and take time for them too. That includes when I got to watch my wife Becky pilot out boat down the Mississippi River. She handled it perfectly. Over a 1,000 nautical miles under our belt and ready for more!”

Ledly Jennings

Estate Planning Attorney
North Little Rock, AR
I have been a believer in bucket list living for as long as I can remember, and I encourage my clients to embrace the philosophy by living it day-to-day and by saving for the big, important things in life. That’s what my family does. We enjoy a relaxed, weekend trip to Fayetteville to cheer for our favorite baseball team – the Razorbacks. But we’re out-of-the box, too. On our one-year wedding anniversary, for example, my wife and I traveled to Las Vegas and took a nighttime helicopter ride to view the city’s bright lights from the air – and it was spectacular.”

Miki Morrow, CPA

Client Relationship Manager
Rogers, AR
“My family is one of my greatest treasures and highest priorities. Without a doubt, my greatest joys in life have been shared and experienced with my family – big and small but each one cherished. Some of these experiences have taken place during our summer family vacations to the beach. During these times of relaxation, sunsets, family dinners and storytelling, I am reminded of the gratitude I have for the heritage with which I have been blessed, the importance of living in the moment, the gift of relationships and the opportunity to leave a legacy that makes a positive difference for future generations.”

Investment Management

Greg Lai, CFA

Co-Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager

Alex Hsiao

Co-Chief Investment Officer

Luke Coop

Investment Operations and Trading Specialist

David H. Sugimoto, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Michael Petrino, MBA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Fiona Zhang, MFE

Associate Portfolio Manager

Our Partners

Trek Wealth works hand-in-hand with the Little Rock, Arkansas powerhouse financial team at Sowell Management. Sowell Management is both a Forbes and Barrons* top 100 RIA and was founded in 2001 on the principles of fee-based fiduciary investing. Behind the scenes, Sowell Management provides Trek Wealth access to leading technology and portfolio management. Because of its diversity of services and nationwide client base, Trek Wealth has a solid and trusted partner. 

Through our relationship with Sowell Management, Trek Wealth has direct access to the largest custodians in the nation including Fidelity and Schwab. These are the financial institutions with regulatory responsibilities for an investor’s securities. Investments of Trek Wealth are placed in custody with them to handle the execution, clearance and settlement of transactions. You’ll have direct access to funds that are held with our custodians – always.

Who We Are Here For

Roots in Central Arkansas and a nationwide focus.

Based in Arkansas, Trek Wealth serves clients across the country. The significant growth in the northwest region of its home state – the Fayetteville, Rogers and Bentonville areas – has made that an additional point of focus for our growing firm. With a new office in Rogers, Arkansas, the career executives, small business owners and professionals looking for a financial advisor who is there for your journey are right around the corner.

We are energized by making your dreams a reality.”

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