Investing with Confidence: The Basics of Investment Management

Investing with Confidence

By Kaitlyn Laney, CFP® Investing with Confidence: The Basics of Investment Management Investment management is the process of managing assets and investments held by individuals or institutions to achieve the highest possible returns while minimizing risk. In today’s fast-paced market, managing investments is challenging, and many individuals need a solid strategy to invest. Whether you’re […]

3 Effective Risk Management Strategies for Your Investment Portfolio

Risk Management

By Kaitlyn Laney, CFP® 3 Effective Risk Management Strategies for Your Investment Portfolio Managing risk is an important part of investment management, helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of financial markets. By analyzing the current business cycle and various stock market conditions, you can identify potential risks that may arise and proactively address them. This […]

College Bound & Covered: Essential Estate Planning Docs for Students

By Ledly Jennings, Esq | Estate Planning Attorney As a parent, sending your child off to college is a monumental milestone. It’s an exciting yet nerve-wracking transition, filled with a whirlwind of preparations. Amidst the chaos of packing, shopping and advice-giving, there’s one crucial item often overlooked on the checklist: estate planning. Protect them. Without […]

5 Financial Planning Strategies to Consider as You Approach Retirement

Retirement is a new chapter in life that could be full of exciting opportunities but can also bring about financial challenges. Transitioning from a steady paycheck to relying on your savings can take time and effort. It is essential to prepare a solid financial plan and clearly understand your retirement finances to simplify this transition.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Corporate Retirement Plans Encourage Financial Wellness for Employees  A person’s health and wellness are impacted by various life factors. One of those factors is a person’s financial condition. With a corporate employer-provided retirement plan, you can provide your employees with the opportunity to enhance their personal financial wellness. The plan gives them an efficient savings tool […]

What does a Financial Advisor Do, and Why do I need one?

Written by: Jordan Long | Financial Advisor | Trek Wealth Solutions You are contributing to your financial future through a 401K retirement plan at work, you’ve lowered your credit card debt, your monthly cash flow is in check, and you’re even contributing to an investment portfolio outside your retirement savings plan. You’re starting to get the […]